Who can attend CompExpo?

Anyone can attend the CompExpo, however it is recommended that young children and infants are left at home due to large crowds, loud noise, and live fire demonstrations.

When can vendors setup?
Vendors can setup as early as August 1st.
Where can vendors ship items?
Vendors can ship items to 3934 I 9/10 RD. Palisade, CO 81526. Please make sure that you clearly make your company name and CompExpo when shipping items ahead of time. USPS does not deliver to Cameo, so please use FedEx or UPS.
Is vendor row open the entire time?
Yes vendor row is open the entire time (Aug 5th – 8th)
Are LIVE FIRE bays open the entire time?
Yes LIVE FIRE bays are open the entire time (Aug 5th – 8th)

Are retail sales allowed at CompExpo?

Yes retail sales are allowed at the CompExpo, however all local and federal licenses must be obtained prior to the start of the show. The sale of firearms and ammunition is allowed however delivery of these items must take place off site.

Is the concealed carry of a firearm permitted at the expo?

NO personal firearms or ammunition is allowed. Only specifically permitted exhibitors may have firearms and ammunition at the expo for live fire demonstrations. All unpermitted exhibitors may have firearms on display without the firing pin.