June 29th, 2022


After careful review the 2022 COMP EXPO has decided to postpone this year’s event till 2023. This decision is largely in part to a new affidavit that the state of Colorado is requiring people to sign who plan on shooting or competing at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. This affidavit has to do with Colorado’s large capacity magazine ban and requires a signature under penalty of perjury under the law of Colorado.
How does this affect COMP EXPO?
– Due to this recent affidavit the USSL Surefire World Multigun Championship has elected to move their match from the event and take it to Wyoming.
– It would require that all attendees planning to participate in any of the live fire demos sign this affidavit.
– It could greatly open up the risk of negative exposure to the event, its sponsors, and its attendees.
Although we recognize that a majority of our events do not use “high capacity” magazines, we do also recognize that a majority of our attendees do possess them.
“How can I ask our sponsors, our guests, and our competitors to sign a document that I myself would not sign?” stated Travis Ishida – Founder of the COMP EXPO.
What’s next?
The COMP EXPO team is vigorously working to find a more suitable location for the 2023 COMP EXPO and will continue to plan an outstanding event for future years to come.
At this time we will no longer be selling tickets to this event and a full refund will be issued to our guests.
The NRL HUNTER event will be moved to a different venue and that community and those competitors will be notified of the changes.
The NRL22 match will be postponed until next year.
The NRL HUNTER Big Bore Pistol Challenge will be postponed until next year.
The COMP X Archery Experience will be postponed until next year.
And the COMP X Shotgun Challenge will be postponed until next year.
The USSL Surefire Multigun match has been moved to Wyoming, and competitors will be notified.
This is a completely unfortunate situation for everyone involved, however to protect our event and ensure the future of the COMP EXPO and these events, we believe that this is the best way forward.